When it comes to planning for sessions, seniors are some of my favorite people to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I love families, children, engaged couples and wedding ceremonies.. but seniors are close to the top of my list.  

They also have a great sense of style, which translates well in their photographs.

When a high school senior books a session with me, I do several things right from the start to help them know I am excited about working with them. I also do my best to get to know them so I can tailor their shoot to fit them perfectly.

Next, I send each senior I book a tailored questionnaire so I can get to know them better. Some of these questions found in their questionnaire include:

  • What are some of your favorite features about yourself?

  • What do you want to remember most about this time in your life?

  • Are there any specific locations you have in mind for your shoot?

  • How would you spend your ideal Saturday?

  • How would you describe your personal style?

Even though seniors are on top of the latest styles, they often need help when it comes to deciding what to wear to their session. So, a week before their session I send them a link to a pinterest board I have created to help give them specific ideas of what to bring with them. This small act not only helps your client, but it will also help you achieve the look you want in your own portfolio.


The morning of the session, I contact my client to make sure they know what time and where we are meeting up. I make sure they have their outfits picked out, and give them one more opportunity to ask me any questions they see fit.

During the session I do several things to make the couple of hours I have with them memorable and stress free (and fun!!) for my senior client. You can do this too by doing the following things:

1. Seniors are at an awesome stage in their lives, they have their whole future ahead of them. Talk with them, ask them questions, find out what their plans for the future are. Encourage them and invest in them while you are with them. They will feelappreciated, valued, and will feel confident hearing assuring words from an adult that isn’t their parent.

2. Most seniors have never been in front of a professional photographer other than the cheesy pictures their parents had them take when they were younger. Make them feel comfortable. Praise them when they look good in front of the camera. I love to turn my camera around and show them some little peaks of how well they are doing. THEY LOVE THIS! It will encourage them to keep up the good work, and will give them confidence in their appearance.

3. Posing. You may have some go-to poses you use for your seniors. But since each person is uniquely different, you need to have several tricks up your sleeve. Enter my i-phone. Recently I have been taking screen shots of poses I am inspired them and putting them into albums on my i phone. When I hit a rut, I whip out my phone and look at my posing guides. At first I thought this was like “cheating” during a shoot, but my seniors LOVE IT! They think it is so cool that I thought of them enough before hand to plan for their poses during their session. Again, this makes them feel valued. I have a great Pinterest board to help you out if your stuck in a rut.

4. Props. I love to bring small props for my seniors to hold or sit on during their session. This could mean an old folding chair, a cute beach hat, an old quilt.. or even some books. Some people feel really awkward in front of the camera at first, so these little props give them something to do with their hands while they are adjusting to your presence.

The following day post a “teaser” or “sneak peak” photo from their session onto facebook. This is another reason why I love seniors. They will share that teaser with all of their friends through social media, which means more publicity for you and your business!


Highschool Senior Photography Pricing

Silver - $300.00 / $150.00 deposit

One photographer

5 high-res fully edited digital files on disk

One location

One wardrobe change

 $25.00 for additional photos


Gold - $500 / $250.00 deposit

One photographer

10 high-res fully edited digital files on disk

One location

One wardrobe change

 $15.00 for additional photos


 Platinum - $660.00 / $330.00 deposit

One photographer

All high-res fully edited digital files on disk

Up to two locations

Up to three wardrobe changes

  • No charge for Anchorage destinations. All surrounding locations within a 50 mile radius will be an additional $50.00 fee for most packages.

  • All Senior photo shoot dates can be reserved by paying the Half deposit in the drop down menu, or paying in full.

  • Studio Sessions can be used during any senior shoot for an additional $55.00.

  • Remainder of payment is due the day of services by cash or check

  • Add an additional photographer for $200.00

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