Nickie Noll - Newborn Photographer

I grew up in Illinois, moved my three children (at the time) and I, to Alaska in 2007 where I have now added two more "Alaska Grown" babies to my wonderful pack of 5 kids:)  I currently focus on capturing moments from maternity all the way through birth, newborn, family, seniors, along with some weddings.  (you can use or omit any for your site)  I have also worked with many local businesses in the Valley - pictures for their website, brochures and their buildings.  A few include Edge Fitness in Wasilla, Turning Leaf Learning Center in Wasilla, Set Free Alaska in Wasilla, Integrated Women's Wellness in Palmer.  
After hundreds of dollars spent on terrible photos nearly 6 years ago for my family,  I began playing around with the camera on my own children along with my nieces and nephews. It wasn't until people began to contact them, asking where they had their pictures taken, that I decided to go on a whim and teach myself more about photography.  My love for it only began to grow from there!   It makes me happy knowing that I am able to help capture the memories that each client is seeking, along with watching everyone's  personalities shine through!

Alex Loan

Alex loan is a self taught photographer and a life long Alaskan. As a Nordic skier for Alaska Pacific University and a Geology major at UAA, Alex spends his free time exploring mountains and capturing Alaskan moments. 


Alex enjoys senior photoshoots and finding what kind of person the subject is and putting that sense of identity into every shot. He has shot a contestant for Miss America and looks forward to more photoshoots to come with all the interesting and exciting people of Alaska.

Todd Barnett

I started like so many other aspiring photographers but was fortunate enough to have been hired by one of the largest wedding company in Charleston, SC and now Blue Iris Photos. Taking advantage of such an awesome opportunity many many years ago in South Carolina, I dove in head first learning anything I possibly could about wedding photography and this industry. As my first wedding season drew to an end, I was promoted to one of the companies lead photographers and post production manager. I had the fortunate opportunity to shoot wedding venues all over Charleston, South Carolina and a few since being assigned in Alaska. I’m retiring from the Air Force in 2016 and can’t wait to work as a full-time wedding photographer. I always look forward to meeting talented and driven entrepreneurs. I’m SUPER excited that I was selected to represent and work for Blue Iris Photography this 2015 wedding season! I look forward to meeting and capturing your wedding day!