Newborn Photography

At Blue Iris Photography we want you to have the newborn photography session of your dreams- and that starts with us.  We now have a dedicated staff member, Nickie Noll, here to handle all your baby photography needs.




Plan on 90 minutes to 2 hours total for your newborn session.  We limit session times to ensure that newborns don’t get overwhelmed or stressed.


Please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to transfer your deposit onto another date or time.  Rescheduling will be a priority, but is subject to availability.


Before you arrive

Keep your newborn awake for 2-3 hours before our session time.

Give a nice big feeding immediately prior to leaving your home.

Bring along any sentimental items (heirlooms, wedding rings, etc).


Booking and Planning

If you are pregnant- it’s time to book!  We are the area’s most highly sought after photographer & our availability is limited.  Once you know your due date- let’s get it on our schedule too!

Because babies are the boss when it comes to being born, a few blocks of time will be reserved around your due date.

Sometimes clients don’t think about a newborn session until they are holding a smushy bundle of joy in their arms.  That’s okay.  Contact us anyways.  The flexibility needed in scheduling the littlest of models means that there may be a slot for you to snag!

Within 24 hours of birth- contact us.  We will solidify the perfect date & time to have you come to our studio.