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Nickie + Keith

If what they say about rain on your wedding day being lucky is just something to calm a nervous bride's nerves, what they really need to say is that it creates a warm, cozy, intimate atmosphere the way only Mother Nature can. Rain or shine, Nickie and Keith were determined to have an amazing wedding, and they did. They said I do while being interrupted by the rain, but instead of ruining the wedding it added an ethereal charm to their day that made it perfect. Beautiful florals complimented the crisp and clean pink gowns of all the ladies. Soft and sweet touches can be seen all through the day.


There is nothing more romantic than a rustic wedding that reflects the couple and this wedding is one for the books.  Thanks to Ralph for capturing this magical rustic wedding with Blue Iris Photography.

Weaver Wedding


After knowing each other for 8 years we were ready to tie the knot in Alaska at our new home.  We wanted our wedding to be about celebrating our love with our family and friends.  We wanted to honor the loved ones that could not make it and the ones that traveled far to come wish us well.  We didn’t want to have a traditional wedding filled with things that “you’re supposed to do”. We wanted to spend every minute enjoying each other, the day, and our friends + family.  Both of our Mothers married us, and everything said and read at our ceremony was something that had true meaning to us.