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Nickie + Keith

If what they say about rain on your wedding day being lucky is just something to calm a nervous bride's nerves, what they really need to say is that it creates a warm, cozy, intimate atmosphere the way only Mother Nature can. Rain or shine, Nickie and Keith were determined to have an amazing wedding, and they did. They said I do while being interrupted by the rain, but instead of ruining the wedding it added an ethereal charm to their day that made it perfect. Beautiful florals complimented the crisp and clean pink gowns of all the ladies. Soft and sweet touches can be seen all through the day.

Bev + Dan

They say rain on your wedding day is a symbol of good luck.  If that’s the case, getting married on December. 31, 2016 was a true blessing because it rained and snowed!  That didn't matter to Beverly and Dan because friends and family came together and made the wedding a special one that no one would forget in Girdwood.  Check out the photos at the Aleska Hotel and Our Lady of the Snows Chapel.


Amy + Chris

We met our senior year in high school. Amy was a wrestling manager and Chris was one of the captains. Although we started dating in high school we weren't exactly high school sweethearts. Neither of us were really the other's type. But unexpectedly we made something great. Though there were some rough bumps in the beginning, Mar, the maid of honor, was there to help us through it.

   We never would have predicted it, but a few years later we moved from Alaska to Pennsylvania. A few months later we adopted our dog Wasabi and bought our first home. Amy has always hated surprises and our engagement was no different. Keeping up with our untraditional route, Amy proposed to Chris. Things have not always gone the expected path with us, including a last minute move out of the rain on our wedding day. We've made it work wonderfully together and wouldn't have it any other way.