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Tamara + Cory's Wedding in Eureka Springs Arkansas

We initially became acquaintances five years ago through our children who attended school together. It seemed that we always arrived at the exact same time to pick up our kids. I remember Cory always opening doors for me and that he had the best smile ever. However, due to life circumstances at the time, we were relegated to just those small instances each day.

 On October 14, 2013, one of my close friends suggested that we meet up with a good friend of hers that she just knew I would just love. Cory was out on a rare occasion, as his father had recently passed away. As soon as I walked through the door, I immediately recognized him, and was honestly and truly excited to finally have the chance to set down and talk with him. Though we were in a crowded room, it was as if we were the only two people there.

 Two years later to the date, we made a formal lifelong commitment to each other and our children. In this short time we have been through so much together. We worked to support and uplift each other wholly the entire way. I can honestly say we are best friends and soulmates. I wouldn’t change anything, however bad, that we both had to endure prior to our coupling, as it led us to one another.