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Mandy + Patrick

Good Times, Laughter, & Cheer

Like the start of many good stories, Mandy and Patrick met in a bar. Patrick had just returned to New Mexico from a stint playing rugby in Australia and Mandy was looking for a good time. They had their first 'date' at a brewery in Albuquerque, and after meeting all his friends from college, they finally got to spend some time alone. 
From the bar, they moved to Santa Fe where their hearts will always be. This was their first home together and Mandy was welcomed into the most amazing group of people that she met the first night they met.
A few years later, Patrick surpried Mandy with a job opportunity in Alaska. They have had three amazing years in Anchorage. They surrounded them selves with a new group that became a second family and took them in when they moved to a dark, remote place. Here they bought their first house. This is where Patrick asked Mandy to marry him, over a bottle of champagne in their new kitchen. 
And now, six years later, they tied the knot in Girdwood on a beautiful evening of fresh snow and surrounded by their friend from the past and present and their family to celebrate the start of the next chapter of their lives.