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Emily + Ryan

Snuggle up with a cup of coffee and cozy blanket before digging into this dark winter wedding inspiration shoot.  Using a mixture of delicate and luxurious textures and a moody color palette with pops of gold, they created the perfect balance between old-world elegance and modern romance. The bride’s white silk dress with lace overlay, regal fur stole, and vintage lace head piece are breathtaking. 

Michelle + Ian

Originally from Vermont, Ian came to Alaska in 2005 after college graduation for a summer of adventuring with a good buddy, Nick (his best man at the wedding!). Ian had family up to visit during that time and they wanted to see the downtown weekend market. I was working at a jewelry booth when my eyes met with Ian's from across the isle. We both smiled and he walked away, only to circle back around back to my booth. Small talk was exchanged and that eventually lead to Ian giving me "his" phone number. We spend the rest of the summer together until he left for his pre-planned adventure in Colorado. He wasn't gone for long. After a few visits back and forth, Ian moved to Alaska for good in May of 2006. We have been together even since and have spent the last 10+ years creating a wonderful fun-filled life. 


Last July, Ian proposed with his grandmothers engagement ring while we were watching Netflix on the couch (after I had unintentionally botched a few of the more adventurous proposals he had planned).   


It has been almost 11yrs since we first met and time has flown by! I really hope the next 70yrs go by a little slower! 

Mandy + Patrick

Good Times, Laughter, & Cheer

Like the start of many good stories, Mandy and Patrick met in a bar. Patrick had just returned to New Mexico from a stint playing rugby in Australia and Mandy was looking for a good time. They had their first 'date' at a brewery in Albuquerque, and after meeting all his friends from college, they finally got to spend some time alone. 
From the bar, they moved to Santa Fe where their hearts will always be. This was their first home together and Mandy was welcomed into the most amazing group of people that she met the first night they met.
A few years later, Patrick surpried Mandy with a job opportunity in Alaska. They have had three amazing years in Anchorage. They surrounded them selves with a new group that became a second family and took them in when they moved to a dark, remote place. Here they bought their first house. This is where Patrick asked Mandy to marry him, over a bottle of champagne in their new kitchen. 
And now, six years later, they tied the knot in Girdwood on a beautiful evening of fresh snow and surrounded by their friend from the past and present and their family to celebrate the start of the next chapter of their lives.

Bev + Dan

They say rain on your wedding day is a symbol of good luck.  If that’s the case, getting married on December. 31, 2016 was a true blessing because it rained and snowed!  That didn't matter to Beverly and Dan because friends and family came together and made the wedding a special one that no one would forget in Girdwood.  Check out the photos at the Aleska Hotel and Our Lady of the Snows Chapel.


Amy + Chris

We met our senior year in high school. Amy was a wrestling manager and Chris was one of the captains. Although we started dating in high school we weren't exactly high school sweethearts. Neither of us were really the other's type. But unexpectedly we made something great. Though there were some rough bumps in the beginning, Mar, the maid of honor, was there to help us through it.

   We never would have predicted it, but a few years later we moved from Alaska to Pennsylvania. A few months later we adopted our dog Wasabi and bought our first home. Amy has always hated surprises and our engagement was no different. Keeping up with our untraditional route, Amy proposed to Chris. Things have not always gone the expected path with us, including a last minute move out of the rain on our wedding day. We've made it work wonderfully together and wouldn't have it any other way.