Originally from Vermont, Ian came to Alaska in 2005 after college graduation for a summer of adventuring with a good buddy, Nick (his best man at the wedding!). Ian had family up to visit during that time and they wanted to see the downtown weekend market. I was working at a jewelry booth when my eyes met with Ian's from across the isle. We both smiled and he walked away, only to circle back around back to my booth. Small talk was exchanged and that eventually lead to Ian giving me "his" phone number. We spend the rest of the summer together until he left for his pre-planned adventure in Colorado. He wasn't gone for long. After a few visits back and forth, Ian moved to Alaska for good in May of 2006. We have been together even since and have spent the last 10+ years creating a wonderful fun-filled life. 


Last July, Ian proposed with his grandmothers engagement ring while we were watching Netflix on the couch (after I had unintentionally botched a few of the more adventurous proposals he had planned).   


It has been almost 11yrs since we first met and time has flown by! I really hope the next 70yrs go by a little slower!