Our love story started at Haskell Indian Nations University, where Victor was captain of the football team and I was an honor roll student. Our first night we met I approached him as he was playing pool and we ended up spending hours talking and it felt like we were the only two there. We both knew we had something special and from that point on I became his number one football fan and he became the snow under my board.  Without him I went nowhere.

After one year into our relationship we decided it was time to adopt our dog, Bubba. This became a crucial part of our relationship and Bubba even played a role in Victor’s proposal to me. Leading up to Victors senior season, we took a family walk for Mother's Day up to the Haskell football stadium. Victor called Bubba over to him and said," Because of Mother's Day your baby-boy Bubba has a present for you”. I had no idea what was coming until Victor got down on one knee, then I started to cry as I said, “Yes!”. Since then we have devoted ourselves to making each other as happy as possible, because Victor and I will be making our own history together forever.