Ariana + Atom


Love at first Sight Elopement Session


They met in Portland and Fell in love at First Sight!  Ariana was planning to move to Alaska in six weeks, and Atom asked on the second date if he could come with her.  That same day, Atom asked Ariana to marry him.... the rest is history.


Abby + Jorge


Sometimes we read tales of love that simply captivate our hearts


We were enchanted by their story and spirit


Renee + James


“A wet knot is harder to untie.”

While a rainy forecast might have stressed some brides and grooms, Renee and James didn’t seem to mind the downpour on their Wellspring Ministries wedding in Anchorage AK. Instead, the couple laughed, kissed, and danced through their day, sometimes beneath a pair of  umbrellas, but often just embracing the droplets as they fell.  Regardless of the storm, an emotional vow exchange ensured that there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience of their ceremony. 

Wedding Shot by Bryan P.

Nickie + Keith

If what they say about rain on your wedding day being lucky is just something to calm a nervous bride's nerves, what they really need to say is that it creates a warm, cozy, intimate atmosphere the way only Mother Nature can. Rain or shine, Nickie and Keith were determined to have an amazing wedding, and they did. They said I do while being interrupted by the rain, but instead of ruining the wedding it added an ethereal charm to their day that made it perfect. Beautiful florals complimented the crisp and clean pink gowns of all the ladies. Soft and sweet touches can be seen all through the day.

Alyssa + Trey

Alyssa and Trey’s Homer beach wedding at the Driftwood Inn was a beautiful mix of rustic elegance and relaxed luxury. The beachfront ceremony had a natural and organic feel, which they achieved by using white, gold, and green decor.  For the reception, the couple kept with the natural feel but also added pops of color in the tablescapes to create a festive energy.


Ingrid + Chris

When Ingrid and Chris were planning their wedding, they knew they wanted an intimate and elegant wedding in the mountains of Alaska. Located in historic resort town, Lady of Our Snows Chapel was the perfect venue to accomplish just this! 

Mother nature's summer colors, blue and green decor with flickering candles, and an enchanting atmosphere were the name of the game for this intimate and romantic destination wedding.

Ellie + Nathan

It was love at first site for Ellie and Nathan when they found the Inn at Tern Lake for their wedding day! Combining their love of vintage décor and woodsy vibes, this venue provided tons of antique and vintage pieces for the couple to decorate the intimate ceremony meadow and the rustic reception pavilion. Just before the ceremony, Ellie and Nathan had an emotional first look during which they took a moment to let the excitement of the day sink in. The bride looked beautiful in a lace gown from, and her bridesmaids gave us serious wedding party goals in matching Vintage Blue dresses. It was easy for us at Blue Iris Photography to capture the romance and charm of this special day with the help of our second shooter Macala!

Emily + Ryan

Snuggle up with a cup of coffee and cozy blanket before digging into this dark winter wedding inspiration shoot.  Using a mixture of delicate and luxurious textures and a moody color palette with pops of gold, they created the perfect balance between old-world elegance and modern romance. The bride’s white silk dress with lace overlay, regal fur stole, and vintage lace head piece are breathtaking. 

Natalie + Jamaal

What a gorgeous sunny day in Talkeeta Alaska. The stunning beauty of the Denali mountain range acted as the perfect backdrop for this beautiful couple's wedding.


When Taylor and I first met it was his first day at my work, we talked and it was like a punch in the chest and I instantly liked him, that sounds cliche I know. We felt comfortable around each other immediately, the first day we worked together and were closing a register down I told him "don't be a d*ck fill the change slots." He couldn't believe I had said that to him. We were friends for a while before we decided to start dating, not long after we started dating I became pregnant and we had a little girl. On my first Mother's Day Taylor took me for a walk in the woods near his parents house and proposed to me. I couldn't be happier, he's my best friend and we nerd out together on a lot of things. 

Michelle + Ian

Originally from Vermont, Ian came to Alaska in 2005 after college graduation for a summer of adventuring with a good buddy, Nick (his best man at the wedding!). Ian had family up to visit during that time and they wanted to see the downtown weekend market. I was working at a jewelry booth when my eyes met with Ian's from across the isle. We both smiled and he walked away, only to circle back around back to my booth. Small talk was exchanged and that eventually lead to Ian giving me "his" phone number. We spend the rest of the summer together until he left for his pre-planned adventure in Colorado. He wasn't gone for long. After a few visits back and forth, Ian moved to Alaska for good in May of 2006. We have been together even since and have spent the last 10+ years creating a wonderful fun-filled life. 


Last July, Ian proposed with his grandmothers engagement ring while we were watching Netflix on the couch (after I had unintentionally botched a few of the more adventurous proposals he had planned).   


It has been almost 11yrs since we first met and time has flown by! I really hope the next 70yrs go by a little slower!